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Presentations & Talks

Demuxed 2021

30,000 fps nginx - To Russia with Love
Working a patch upstream to nginx mp4 module for exact start/end lossless server-side mp4 clipping
Demuxed 2021 SLIDES 📰

Moving from Kubernetes to Nomad

What is Orchestration? How do Containers help? How did we move Kubernetes to Nomad using GitLab plus a single templated common job file? SLIDES 📰

Deriver (Item Processing) Speedups

Speeding up item processing at GPUs, single-pass mp4 processing, serverless deriving with arbitrary containers, and more! SLIDES 📰

Word Salad - a word game

I made a NY Times Spelling Bee knock-off game. What can you do with 7 letters? 😺 SLIDES 📰

[1/2] Setup GitLab, Nomad, Consul & Fabio

🚂 DevOps Training: part 1 of 2: Build up GitLab (via Docker omnibus) + basic & secure Nomad & Consul pair of daemons, towards full CI/CD pipelines, on Digital Ocean SLIDES 📰

[2/2] Add GitLab Runner & Setup full CI/CD pipelines

🚂 DevOps Training: part 2 of 2: setup GitLab Runner and tie everything together to get full end-to-end CI/CD pipelines working cleanly SLIDES 📰

Create a webapp on GitLab

🚂 DevOps Training: hands on webapp creation, start to finish, full CI/CD pipelines SLIDES 📰

HashiTalks 2021

GitLab + Nomad: a GitOps Dream Come True SLIDES 📰

Aaron Swartz Day 2020

Processing Hype Project 🚀
(It's not PHP ;-)
Modern JS and Serverless processing SLIDES 📰

GitLab Commit 2020

Simple CI/CD with GitLab + Nomad SLIDES 📰

Aaron Swartz Day 2019

Internet Archive - Pods & Pods - ++diversity SLIDES 📰

KubeCon 2018 - Seattle

Migrating Internet Archive to Kubernetes SLIDES 📰

Internet Archive Engineering 2018 - San Francisco

GitLab 'Auto DevOps' Changes Everything
Dev & Ops Harmony - Confessions of a middle child SLIDES 📰

Demuxed 2018 - San Francisco

Third Eye - tweeting TV text overlays. CNN MSNBC FOXNEWS BBCNEWS. (chyrons / lower thirds)

Demuxed 2018 - San Francisco

WebAmp Lightning Talk [WinAmp in JS](and i tell bad jokes) SLIDES 📰

MozFest 2017 - London

TV Archives cracked Open "AI for IA" -- Artificial Intelligence for Internet Archive

Demuxed 2016 - San Francisco

Tracey Jaquith - Popcorn Reborn! Open Video Editor from Mozilla SLIDES 📰